And so, our time here ends. We took the kids to the Luxembourg Gardens (it was perfect and just what they needed), had a last bistro meal, and then visited Paris’s oldest church. Daddy took them home and I stayed and listened to a rehearsal for what sounded like the most Heavenly music I’ve ever heard. The acoustics in St. Germaine des Pre church were amazing. I left only to go visit the Musee d’Orsay and see some Impressionist paintings. I fell in love with Renoir and unexpectedly stumbled across Gustave Dore, a favorite sketcher of mine. There was too much to see in the two hours of free (kid-free!) time I had. I think 6 weeks away from home also caught up with me, and by 8pm I was sure I’d fall asleep on the museum floor. We leave in 6 hours and there’s still some packing to be done. The kids are finally sleeping. Bon nuit, Paris!

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