Camera! Lights! Action!

A rare shot of her actually looking into the camera. What do you think she saw in there?

Today I finally got to play “just a little bit” with my new camera gear. Woohoo! I am loving it! I asked Isabel if she would be my model, knowing full well she would be my most difficult client. Somehow she obliged but she certainly made me work for whatever shots I ended up with. In her mind, she would rather be licking my camera. Or at least thought I would have a better subject if she were only centimeters away from my lens – notice any foggy spots?

But she sure knows how to have a good time!

Today I got to test out my backdrop (thank you Kati Neni!) and flash-umbrella. Sure, I have lots of work to do and some lighting points to figure out but, so far, I am only getting more excited to work with the whole kit and kaboodle (I have two more umbrellas with big bulbs!) Now, if I only had more room…

props are good

As soon as Thomas woke up – he was so kind to give me 30 minutes to throw this all together – I tried him out as my baby model, as my previous one quit on me. Unfortunately, he was not too keen and then my battery died. Poops.

Baby and a sock monkey

Guten nacht!

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