Every Day Moments – October

My wish is to sit down for a quiet hour (while not half asleep) and catch up with all the adventures we’ve been on. Right now my 1 year old is screaming in my ear and will hardly let me sit for a minute to have a thought. I think her second molar is cutting through and she’s not in the best mood.

So, I will cut this short and catch up another day. Here are some of the moments we’ve had this past month at home: Late summer/early fall visits to the beach, a high-fever cool-down bath for Little Man, a growing baby – she’s still my baby – who likes to brush her teeth while eating, and my budding spunky little rock star. These are the moments, and I know as crazy as they are right now, one day I will miss them.

Please continue through the circle and visit Misty’s every day moments here.


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