Monthly Challenge: Humanizing A Non-Human Subject

Well, hello. It’s been a while, eh?

I’d like to say I have loads of pictures to share from our overseas adventure, and that’s probably what some of you are expecting. However, I ended up almost exclusively using my mobile phone. As it happened, toting my big camera around, trying to take pictures, while making sure all three of my children survived the day was mostly not possible. (It was a sad fact for me.) But, I did take some. When the dust settles here (it’s settling), I will go through them and hopefully share a bit more of our trip abroad.

Speaking of dust settling, it is true we have been home for two weeks now and life has begun to fall into some semblance of a routine. But we’re not there yet. We came home and I had to hit the ground running as I had to start homeschooling my first grader immediately. We have already been out of town for three days of those two weeks, and I managed to get my car hit while avoiding a t-bone by an 80 year old lady who ran through a red light only 3 days after coming home. Life truly happens every day, doesn’t it?!

These lines have little to do with the image-content of my post; I just thought I’d get that out there. For posterity, you know?

So, September’s theme was the humanization of a non-human subject. This topic did not really titillate me, but it could have been for the lack of imagination I have had these last few weeks.

There are a bunch of oak trees at my mother-in-laws and every time I see these guys they make me think of reaching hands and fingers. In my opinion, I could not capture the trees the way I wanted to show this.

The kids were playing with these in the sand box and – voila! – there were suddenly tractors getting into a fight. Can you feel the creative juices flowing?

My plan is to keep a more regular journal of our adventures here at home as we settle into our homeschooling routine. Once again, please continue through the circle and check out Lisa Rappa’s take here!


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  • lisaOctober 2, 2013 - 9:56 pm

    Great job Andrea! I love the animosity between the trucks 😉 The shoe pic is great–can feel the sense of being left…or alone.ReplyCancel

  • CaryOctober 3, 2013 - 12:42 am

    Great job 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Holly ThompsonOctober 3, 2013 - 12:06 pm

    Andrea, you are being too hard on yourself! You did a great job interpreting this month’s theme. I love the trees and do see gnarled old fingers reaching through. The trucks do look like they are fighting and the shoes tell a story. Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle BOctober 6, 2013 - 8:21 pm

    You did a great job with a theme was challenging! I love the shoe shot especially. I do see what you mean about the trees and the fingers. And yes, I those trucks are duking it out!ReplyCancel

  • JudyOctober 6, 2013 - 8:50 pm

    Gosh, I think you did a great job with this Andrea. Love the trucks playing the best with the red shed behind. I know what you mean about trees, I see them as “human” or having personality all the time.ReplyCancel

  • judyOctober 6, 2013 - 8:53 pm

    Gosh, I think you did a great job with this. Love the trucks “playing” with the red shed behind. Looks so cozy!ReplyCancel

  • DawneCOctober 9, 2013 - 7:54 pm

    I love your take on the challenge – the trucks is my favorite image! Great job!ReplyCancel

  • Claire LaneOctober 9, 2013 - 8:15 pm

    It was a tricky theme for sure, but my favourite is the shoes. I hope that dust continues to settle for you, I know the feeling!ReplyCancel