Our last pool day in Hungary. A storm is coming for our last few days here, and we are slowly (and excitedly) getting ready for the next adventure. About twenty minutes after this picture was taken, Big girl sat on the pool steps with me and asked, “Why do those people who love each other just stand in the water together, doing nothing?” (Here there are a lot of public displays of affection.) “Oh, because they love each other,” I answered, smiling. “But would you ever do that?” I think I giggled here and said, “yes, even I’ve done that.” And she just stared straight ahead and said, “I just can’t imagine you doing that.” Here I laughed out loud and asked her, “why not?” To which she replied, “because that’s such a teenager-ish thing to do!” And I whispered to her, smiling, “you know, I was a teenager once, too.” #lovethatgirl #myoldsoul #summer #travels #szeged

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