She asked me to look at this one with her and said, “What’s this one?” And I answered, “Well, what do you think it is?” And she answered, “it’s Jesus.” “And what do you see?” I asked her. “He has cuts on his hands.” “So, when was this then?” I asked. “It was three days after he died,” she answered. “And who is that in blue?” I asked. “That’s Doubting Thomas,” she answered. “And what did he say?” “If I see him and I can stick my fingers through his cuts, then I’ll believe.” And then I told her that when he finally did see Jesus, He told Thomas a very important thing. Something about believing without seeing. She said, “I believe in Him… But, you know, some of the things are hard to imagine. But I still believe.” #lovethatgirl #louvre #paris #projectlife365 #endofsummer

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