The Real List

Not in any particular order.


1. Make chocolate mousse – done!

2. Field Trip – Pasadena: Beth and Gardens – done!

3. Try new Downtown Restaurant – done!

4. Plant hanging baskets – done!

5. Self-portrait – done!

6. Lay down soaker hoses – done!

7. Paint kids room – Done!

8. Go through newborn baby clothes – started this daunting task

9. Ship to cousins whatever baby clothes are not mine

10. Clean our bedroom – done!

11. Finish Thank Yous

12. Mail out gifts that have been sitting on my shelf since October

13. Knit baby hat

14. Email those I have been meaning to email

15. Call those I have been meaning to call

16. Order prints for my black and white wall – Done!

17. Hang up my black and white prints – Done!

18. Hang up animal hooks (but first buy the drywall screws) – done!

19. Do the mending that is piling up on the ironing board behind me – done!

20. Make dessert (once a week thing) – done! (Meringue pie for Memorial Day party)

21. Cook a nice dinner

22. Order Isabel’s crown (she earned this last summer…)

23. Order Isabel’s minnie dress (she earned this in October…) does she still want it???

24. Have a picture taken of our family

25. Take pictures of grandparents with their grandchildren

26. Practice shoot concept with my sister

27. Scan drawings – Done!

28. Get business cards printed

29. Buy a rocking chair/ottoman!

30. Hang Isabel’s pencil sharpener on her wall

31. Re-stock kids art supplies

32. Buy new door mats

33. Accounting, part 1 (This all got dropped about a year ago…)

34. Accounting, part 2

35. Accounting, part 3

36. Do one moody, artificially lit black and white self-portrait

37. Do one artistic image of Isabel or Thomas

38. Pack my hospital bag – 3/4 way done

39. Finish scrapbook pages and image cd for Emerson goodbye (must be done by Tuesday, the 29th!) – Done!

40. Trash all unwanted images from my hard drives (yikes!)


This list does not mean that the rest of the day I sit around and do nothing (wouldn’t that be nice?) Finishing one task from this list is in addition to the gardening (weeding, watering, harvesting, pruning, spraying), preparing meals, cleaning, spending time with the kids, running regular errands, visiting family, going to classes, and working on the computer that I do. My dream is to do all this and still sneak in time to read from the Good Book and to knit something special for our little one-to-be.

So, let’s do this thing!


**** May 29, 2012

41. I got a pedicure finally! – Done!

42. Finally called insurance companies and straightened out bills. – Done!

43. Edit BS camping photos – Done

44. Edit fire station photos

45. Finish The Brothers Karamazov

46. Finish his tie!

47. Get a moses basket for the baby!

48. Get the car detailed.

49. Order homeschooling books!

50. Frame map they got two Christmases ago.

… and more that I’m forgetting.


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  • Andrea HarsanyiJune 6, 2012 - 5:49 am

    You forgot to mention bringing the moon and a couple of stars down … for relaxation.ReplyCancel

    • AndreaJune 6, 2012 - 4:30 pm

      That’s not a bad idea! 🙂 I like it.ReplyCancel