We stayed with family last night, here in Nagykoros, after a family gathering. In the middle of the night Little Man started throwing up, and did so every hour for the next ten. It was a rough night. I continue to think it was from licking his hands that had been playing in dirt that was spotted with chicken poop. Everyone else here insisted it was the unripe grapes he ate. Here he is, in good spirits, for the hour or two of peace before feeling ill again after eating a little at dinner. Poor guy. Of course, after this picture was taken, he found a pigeon feather and started to put it on his mouth. I yelled at him, and he asked, “why?” #willheeverlearnhislesson? #summer #travels #nagykoros After three weeks, getting sick was bound to happen. Here’s to hoping I get some sleep tonight, and that no one else gets sick. #twodowntwotogo

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