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It seems I don’t use my camera enough these days and I completely forgot to capture every day moments for January. It’s not that I am no longer taking pictures – I am! – so I should confess. Though I never considered myself one to become addicted to anything, I confess I have become addicted… to Instagram! It is a totally different challenge but a fun one for a momma constantly on the go. And because I have not been great about carrying all my camera gear with me (call it laziness if you will) I have found my phone to be rather useful. So, this month my Every Day Moments are from my iPhone.

I have to admit, though I used to scoff at the idea of poor quality – meaning low resolution – photos of my children, I am so happy to have these moments captured – by any means. These, especially, as they have tracked us through the Christmas season into the New Year. And a very special moment was caught not even a minute after it happened: my big girl lost her first tooth! She was extremely excited about this. She talked about it for days. I told her the day before, “it’s gonna be today or tomorrow!” And in the morning while chewing on an apple (yikes!) during our homeschooling lesson she yelled out, “my tooth! it’s out!” No tears, only smiles. And the next one is on its way. In fact, both big bottom teeth are out already. It’s so much fun to watch her go through all this.

My baby boy (he still uses a cumi) has not changed much. Since Thanksgiving he’s been singing Christmas carols – at the top of his longs – from the moment he gets out of bed until he gets back into it. Okay, maybe there are some other words sprinkled throughout here and there, but it truly is Christmas every day here with us. Crammed in a medical building’s elevator, still singing, he brought many smiles to the faces inside. He dances and walks to the beat of his own drum and despite giving me grief every now and then, his joyful gait and melodic tunes bring me quiet laughs and smiles, too.

As for my baby girl – phew! – she needs a post of her own. She is such a light for me. My back might be happier if she enjoyed tummy time a little more but I give in to her pleads to be held every time because she has me completely wrapped around her little finger. We have learned that she much prefers to eat with us at the table and loves real food. What a mess! Well, it’s part of the job. You can see in her eyes how much she wants to join in on the big brother/big sister fun. I cannot wait to see the three of them playing together!

The set above goes through Christmas Day and the set below starts after Christmas and goes into the New Year. All kinds of activity!

Please join me in checking out Amanda’s Every Day Moments here:  http://petit–



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