A Look Back, Part I

When I asked Craig in February what he wanted to do for his birthday (in March) he said, “Let’s go to Disneyland!” I asked him if he was joking and when he said no I thought, okay, this could be fun. And it was!

My sister came out to visit us the first weekend in March and we decided to celebrate early so that she could join us. Well, beyond just visiting us, she went too far and treated everyone to Disneyland. Thank you, Kati Neni!

This was the kids’ second time and they loved it. We stayed for the fireworks show – which was amazing and, as my Momma said, better than the annual Hungarian independence show – and took some really grainy pictures. As I am in a very slow catch-up mode (may be part of my nesting?) I will only post a few, but enough so that we can remember this wonderful, wonderful day. (I have to admit, I had a great time, too!)

Isabel loves Aurora’s castle. Here with Nagyi and Kati Neni.
The girls and Mickey.

And I know, selective coloring was so 90s, but how could I not selective color this?

Our little and growing family.

Thomas continued to follow in his father’s footsteps and would scream through some of the rides (notably, the teacups.) Isabel, like last time, cried through Pirates and the Caribbean. Otherwise they were full of giggles and tireless energy running through the park.

We may have to take advantage of our SoCal residency and make this an annual tradition.


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