Can We All Go Together?

Yesterday we were talking about when this baby would come and Thomas turned the conversation onto Elise, saying, “the baby will come when she comes,” and pointed to her picture. “She’s in Heaven, Thomas,” I replied to him.

“Can I see her?” he asked. “She’s in Heaven, Thomas, but you can see her one day, when you go to Heaven.” I walked outside to the garden and Thomas shouted, “Can we all see her? Can we all go to Heaven, Mommy?! Me, Isabel, and you? And Daddy! And Daddy, too?”

About half an hour later, while running an errand, he asked, “Is God in Heaven?” “Yes, God is in Heaven,” I said. “Can I meet God, too?” “Yes, of course you can, when you go to Heaven.” “Can we all go together, Mommy?”

I imagine he doesn’t really know what he is talking about, but it touched my heart. Children are amazing little miracles.


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