Chasing Time

There are so many thoughts to share, so many ideas to execute. But March is nearly over (it is!) and with deadlines approaching (March is the beginning of a slew of birthdays, literally birth dates, and times to celebrate), my chasing time only becomes more frantic. On top of that, I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been here and through this all before.

As the deja-vu sets in, my brain is scrambling to differentiate my moments now from the same moments a year ago. Maybe the best I have right now are all the changes taking place in and around our house. I am really loving decorating and really enjoying creating, now if I could only find more time.

To start your Monday I thought I’d share a couple pictures from February. My March files are beginning to pile so, hopefully, I will find some moments to squeeze in a few more posts to share them with you.

I just love how my daughter refuses to smile. We had the chance to visit our dear friends and I was able to snap a couple pictures. One day I hope to share these with the girls (and boys) when they are older to show them how they’ve literally been friends since they were born.

We were so bummed to miss them a couple weeks ago when they were down to visit. Both of our boys took turns being sick, so we’ll have to wait until April. Are we still up for camping??? 🙂 Note: as we climbed into our car the other day Isabel sniffed the air and said, “I smell camping. I want to go camping and smell that fire!” One more month! And boy, she sounded like me. (Yes, it always makes me smile.)

Well, I did catch her smiling here. She was getting a kick out of this.

My little boy wanting to do everything his Daddy does, in Mommy’s hats, of course.

And now, for the end of March countdown… I smell a PALINDROME!

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