Family and Friends

This entire past week I have spent a good amount of time trying to come up with meaningful words to thank my dear family and friends for taking time in this busy life to visit me. It is at times like this I wish I had Shakespeare’s vocabulary or Jefferson’s eloquence. I wish I could articulate the comfort you all bring me. Alas, the internet, my family and my friends, will have to do with the eloquence of simple me.

I took Darth Vader down!

I could just sum all my feelings up into three tiny little words, words you have all heard me say before.  What you mean to me, though, is much more than what those words have to offer.

Every single one of you has affected me at one time or another in my life, helping to shape the person I am today. Because of you I am more forgiving, more outgoing, maybe sometimes a little crazy (but in a good way), more daring, more passionate, more patient, a little bit wiser and, most importantly, more me.

My MIT girls!

More beavers.

You really didn't want to wait a few more weeks. 🙂

You all took my silly faces, my unchiselled opinions, my wins, my failures, my good moments and my bad moments. You were patient with me, encouraging me, supporting me, and even giving it to me if I needed it.

I love that our histories are not perfect. It is the imperfections that color my memories of us, making me cherish our moments today that much more. Getting to watch each other grow has been an awesome journey that only gets better with our ripening age.

My Huns!

Check out this hip couple.

I make good faces, don't I?

And last weekend, you were my two favorite worlds all in one room.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Today’s world, and babies, demand so much of our time. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your time with me.

And Thank You to my amazing parents, who arrived from China three days earlier and left for Hungary the next day but still made the 8-hour round trip to Vegas to spend a lunch with my friends and me. Thank you for always finding a way and for teaching me to always find a way.  SZERETLEK!

My beautiful Mom and dashing Dad.

And to Craigikem, Tigrisem and Lulu, thank you for all the planning, sneaking and doing. Clever, very clever. I especially liked the touch of getting Zsuzsa (from Hungary) to invite me to come to Vegas. HA!

Old friend Zsuzsa and her hubby, Szilard.

Sisters and Brother.

My Love


And if all that wasn’t clear enough, then gosh darnit, I will say it again: I Love you guys!

P.S. Jenny, thank you for the video – it brought tears to my eyes!

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