Happy Birthday, Momma!

Dear Momma,

Here’s to another and many, many more wonderful years with you. We miss you and love you!

Sok, sok szeretettel. Puszilunk! (Click on the picture – it doesn’t all fit.)

With All Our Love

And to any who may see Isabel soon: I had an adventure today cutting her bangs. She never likes to wear hair bows and her hair always falls into her eyes. So, today I finally decided to cut bangs for her. My little girl would not stand still, and one cut led to another, and another… and another… And if you add that to my fabulous hairstyling skills, well…

As I cut her hair I couldn’t help but start laughing. She looks at me and says with a huge smile, “what are you laughing at?” And I say, “nothing, I just love you.” I continue to cut her hair for what feels like tens of minutes (and you know that’s bad news) and she continues to let me know that I am cutting her hair shorter and shorter.

Well, finally, I gave up and finished and she started dancing around the deck. She jumped onto the bench and caught a glance at her reflection in the glass doors. Then she busted out laughing hysterically. Then so did I. I’m the proudest Momma in the world, let me tell you. She took her haircut with such gusto, it brought tears to my eyes. The whole event ended with her staring intently into the glass doors saying, “my face looks different!

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll bring myself to share a picture.


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  • NagyiOctober 30, 2010 - 11:42 am

    Thank you, loves. I love you all very much and can’t wait to see those bangs. Hugs & Kisses – NagyiReplyCancel