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My poor Canon feels neglected. I have been having a little love-affair with my phone camera these last few months and have not given my 5D the proper attention she needs. There is just something so convenient and satisfying with the instant photo! (Though, I admit, the processing is not always instant.)

My phone is light, unobtrusive, quick (no dials to change), and, most importantly, connected. I have been able to capture moments on the fly and with a swift click can send it into the public sphere within seconds – errr, minutes – of those moments. (If you know me, you’re thinking, “finally, something she can do sooner than later!”) There is also the fun challenge of making my insta-photos just as well-composed and exposed as my heavy-duty camera images. I love it!

But I will say that, lately, I have glanced at my camera and her lenses and thought, “dang, I really need to keep practicing with and using those awesome lenses. I do miss them.” Well, some traveling here and there and a wedding should get me back into a groove. I can’t wait.

Speaking of traveling, it has been almost 2 years since I’ve been on a plane. I can’t believe it. I’ve been promising my kids we’d go on a plane soon for about that long. We are so excited for our next adventure and I’m making the most of it, too: we will be visiting friends along the eastern seaboard from Boston to Charleston over almost 3 weeks. Woot-woot! It will be a warm-up to my much longer adventure with the 3 kids, by myself. (No nail-biting over here!)

Without further ado, though: my instramming gems.

We realized that this was our 4th annual Miller-Heff camping trip, which means that when we started we had only our big girls with us. It is amazing what damage 4 years can do – I mean what JOY 4 years can bring! It was another great adventure and we wish we had more time to hike and explore Montana de Oro. There were some fun tide pools and rock formations – the kids could hang out there all day. Now if only I could get myself into that family picture! There will be more images from this trip from my “real” camera soon.


These are from my first instameet in Santa Monica, the Natural History Museum in L.A., and one of our recent beach days at our local Manhattan Beach. While visiting the butterfly pavilion at the NHM, one landed on Ilus’s head. She kept turning her head trying to figure out what it was she felt on her. We were lucky because the butterfly did not want to leave her lovely head. Maybe it was just as addicted to baby smell as I am. Isabel also learned to ride her bike not too long ago. She’s discovering what it feels like to have practice pay off finally.

Here are more images from our beach day. The colors and light were so beautiful that day. I caught Thomas dancing in circles – have I mentioned he loves dancing, singing, and music? I know I should nurture this love of his.

There are so many changes the kids are going through and I want to document them so badly. Hopefully, I will make sense of my little notes here and there so that one day I can get them down. But now it is off to bed – or speech-writing/party-planning – I go.

Good night!

P.S. I go by “andreaheff”

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