Tonight, I just want to write about how much I love my little darlings. So many days have gone by without me taking notes of their changes and I’m afraid I cannot remember a lot of the tiny details that make my job as a mommy every bit worthwhile. Well, I will start with what I do remember and that goes as far back as the walk we just had tonight.

Now that it’s Christmas season, we try to go on daily night walks to look at the homes decked out in lights and blow-up santas. I wanted to let Tomcsi walk his own walk and offered to hold his hand but he would have none of that. Then Isabel offered to hold his hand and there it was, Little Man’s hand barely sticking out of the sleeve of his jacket trying to grab her hand. They walked hand-in-hand off and on for the rest of the walk and it just melted my heart. I want to remember the way their little bodies walked out of sync and their feet pitter-pattered and click-clacked on the sidewalk.

Until recently, I have claimed Thomas to be very much a Daddy’s boy. If he got hurt, it was to Daddy’s room he would run. If the door were closed, he would stand there and cry. There was no chance for me to pick him up, happy or sad, because Dad was all he wanted (if he wanted an adult.) Lately, though, the tables have turned a little bit. He snuggles with me like it would be the last time he could hug me for a while. He clings to my legs, staring at me with puppy-dog eyes telling me to pick him up. When I do pick him up, many times he will just throw his head down onto my shoulder and just rest there for a while. (I am in snuggle heaven!) I cannot remember Isabel ever really snuggling with me so you will not catch me complaining.

Little rock climber.

Isabel continues to be her “reguly” self, perhaps with a bit more attitude than usual (an attitude I am having lots of fun with handling.) She claims that “school is not for me,” and that she’d prefer making friends at either her home or someone else’s home. Well, good thing I will home school her then! We had been on a roll with learning to read but have found it hard to get back onto that routine since Thanksgiving.

Portrait of a Young Lady

Today, though, when I asked her to spell “rat” for me with our fridge magnets, she got it right. First, she spelled “RTA,” as has been her tendency to do with “cat,” as well. But when we sounded it out she switched the “a” and “t.” She has the “-at” series down pretty well (bat, rat, cat, mat, pat, sat…) I’m learning that while she picks up ideas very quickly, she does not necessarily like to focus or be diligent. I suppose we can work on this, my little 3 year old.

And with two munchkins constantly sitting in my lap, each fighting over a leg, giggling, laughing, crying, and pushing I must say I am in mommy heaven, too. We spend time almost every day rolling on the bed or floor wrestling. Thomas especially likes it when I roll over him. If I stop he motions for me to do it again, and again, and again, and again… Good thing it is my favorite part.

Well, that is it for now, but I do hope to keep up with these guys a little better this month.


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