My Kids in Black and White – Los Angeles Photographer

The sun had already set and I saw a soft glow of light diffused through the clouds bounce onto our garden gate. I bribed Thomas to let me take pictures of him so that I could test-drive his new flashy suspenders and he, fortunately, somewhat cooperated for me. While I photographed him Isabel kept trying to interfere and distract Thomas, asking if I could take pictures of her, too. Of course, when her turn came it lasted a whole minute and I was lucky to get one normal shot of her.

This first one of her made me pause. Looking at her penetrating eyes and her subtle smile (a sincere one finally!) made me realize how much she’s grown in the past half-year. I may even admit that I was close to tears because though I am a stay at home mom who is with her children 24/7 I feel like somehow I missed her latest leap, that I wasn’t totally there to watch her materialize into the young girl she is now.

In the past few weeks her curiosity and determination have grown, which I can see in her drawings, writing, reading and adding numbers. Much of it is self-initiated and I’m finally realizing that it’s time for me to start pushing her again and to get a bit more involved. Time to get ready for formal home-schooling!

When she started making silly faces like in the second picture I realized that no, she doesn’t really want me taking her picture and so I soon stopped. But looking at it now, I really love it because this is her personality. She can be a bit of a clown sometimes and likes to make us laugh. And while she is my old-soul she has a very lively silly side, too. Or maybe it’s just her being rebellious. Either way, I wouldn’t change this about her ever!

Then there’s my Little Man. Oh, Little Man. How he both melts and breaks my heart. Suffice it to say, he has learned how to push my buttons and how to make me smile. I don’t suppose I make it difficult for him to figure these things out.

And when he comes up to me and says, “Come, Mommy, I want to show you somet’ing,” and grabs my hand, pulling me away from whatever I am doing, it is hard to deny him.

Not that I’m in any hurry, but I am so curious to find out what kind of young man he will be. I hope I can raise him into a charming and wise man.

The entire shoot took 5 minutes but I love these images of them and can’t wait to put them up on my wall!

Good night.



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  • IsabelaMay 12, 2012 - 9:25 pm

    The photos are fantastic. congrats for your talentReplyCancel

  • JannieJune 1, 2012 - 8:56 pm

    WOW….Andrea. these are STUNNINGReplyCancel