My Ladies!

The ladies in these pictures are among a select few who have known me for so long and in such intimate ways it’s almost scary. It is going through the ugly, the raw and sometimes downright hilarious parts of life together that allows us to cherish the quiet, beautiful and tender times.

Katika es Krisztike

Really, I could write forever on each one of these girls. If I tried, I’d never get the post done, which is probably why I have already delayed writing about them. Among the ton of memories, the best have always been our camping trips together. Camping trips and going through puberty.

My beautiful sister.

They had these parasols at the wedding and we got to play around a bit before the reception. Where was the rest of the gang?!

Fellow gorgeous mama, Krisztikem.

The support each of us has had for the others is amazing. And even though we have now all gone our own way, I absolutely love that we can get together, catch up, and still be as honest, raw and silly as we’ve ever been. Okay, fine, our level of silliness could never be the same, we don’t share stinky camp toilets anymore; plus, we’ve matured, a little.

My Kovacs!

Who's that?! Nah, just kidding.

For the first time in a while, almost all of us minus one, were at the same place at the same time. Thank goodness for Hungarian weddings!I wish I got the chance to get our entire “ors” (group of girls) together (all 7 of us), but I will have to wait for someone to send me a current group shot and add it in later. I love you ladies!

Silly sisters.

Found one!

The girls (missing the photographer!)

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