The Moment I Said It

The other night my hubby was making dinner while I played with the kids. Daddy was standing at the stove and I near the doorway to the kitchen. The kids and I were laughing and giggling about something and suddenly Isabel grabbed one of my legs and said “you’re the best Mommy in the world ever!” and then Thomas hugged my other leg and said “best Mommy ever!” Just then I hugged them both, shook them back and forth and said, “I am the luckiest Mom in the world!”

The moment I said it, I realized what I had said. In that instant, while I overflowed with love and joy I realized my heart could heal. The next moment was tinged with a bit of sadness, perhaps guilt, but I continued to hug my babies and knew that there would be more moments like that one. And every day I thank God for my beautiful children and my family and friends. How blessed am I to be so loved.

And I realize I am way behind. But what else is new, right? With all the headaches that return after pregnancy and while reading books about the importance of sleep, I decided I am going to give more sleep a try. And something’s gotta give. That would be my nighttime hours.

I will be brief but will jot some notes on our trip to Hungary. Hopefully, one of these days I will actually finish going through all of my pictures. In the meantime, my friends:

Rosz kutya! Bolhas bit Thomas three times over the first two weeks. He finally broke skin the third time, just before Craig came. Dr. Doug, our brother-in-law came to the rescue calling in prescriptions for Thomas just in case. Fortunately, no medication was needed and the boy’s wounds, emotional and physical, healed. Well, he at least forgot that he is not supposed to taunt the dog with sticks and kicks.

I remember when Isabel was 7 months old and she sat on the rug in the back there, either rocking back and forth in preparation for crawling or chewing on my Grandma’s magnifying glass. Her magnifying glass did not survive Thomas’s visit, however.

Isabel and Thomas discovered where Grandma stashes her wood for winter. While she napped they brought out many branches, trying to build tables and little houses.

I offered to help cut her grass a few times but she refused to let me. One late afternoon we came back from the pool and I caught her cutting the grass. She insisted she didn’t need help and, despite it getting dark, I knew I wanted to remember this moment: remember how hard she always works to maintain her home and yards; and how difficult it is to offer her help, even at 80 years old.

I adore this picture. This inspires me to get new prints up on our walls. I think this will have to be LARGE.

Ah, Isabel. Some things will never change. She always loved to scowl. And I can’t wait to show these to her when she’s older.

That’s it for tonight. Until next time…

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