Week 5 – Catawampus

I flew to NY for three days to celebrate my good friend’s, Deirdre’s, marriage to her awesome husband and visit with my sister for a day.

It was the first time in about 5 years where a group of my MIT girlfriends and I were together at the same time in the same place. Having children now and being separated by continents and coasts make our reunions a little harder these days. But, when it comes to celebrating and supporting each other, we always find a way.

Sitting at our MIT table (we got lucky, we were the only ones who did not get mixed up with other guests because the bride insisted we sit together – woohoo!) I kept thinking we were in Boston. For a day or two, I forgot how old and where I was. Laughing with my friends, dancing to Beat It, and serenading our Bride to the Back Street Boys made me feel so at home and like a kid again. (We were kids then!) There is a lightness of heart I get when I am with these ladies. Their smiles, their [loved] predictability, and complimentary support lift any weights from my mind, silently tucking them away to hidden corners.  Thank you, girls, for a wonderful time.

I wish I had pictures, but this time I left the giant camera at the hotel and enjoyed the nostalgia of Lea’s point and shoot. Nothing like the good old days with the endless close-up party shots. And, like old school, I will have to wait until someone sends me their pictures. (Hurry, please!)

After two days of fun with old friends I had the double treat of visiting with my sister, too! She drove down from Boston to spend a day with me and we had a beautiful, albeit sweaty, time walking the streets of New York. While talking and catching up, I could forget about the smells of NY streets in summer and the drippings of A/C units from above. Even though she makes big efforts to come out and visit us as often as she can, it was great to just be the two of us, without the distractions of cute little children usurping conversations.

As we walked back to her car we came across some striking red doors. After taking her picture I got jealous and was determined to find a way to get myself in the picture, too. The big door did not have a fence to attach my gorilla pod to, so we settled for a smaller door. Yes, it is a little catawompus, but it kind of fits.

Her willingness to act and pose without self-consciousness is a photographer’s dream. The color combination was fabulous!

When she came up with the idea to lean on the umbrella, I loved it. Her posing came so naturally and perfectly. I won’t lie, I tried many times to look as cool as she did. While I could envision the pose and see what I liked about hers I could not get it right. We quickly ran out of time and my gorilla pod and the gate added their own perspective to the shot; I would have to accept. But, come on, don’t you love that door?! Kathy and I made a great pair!

What a wonderful weekend.

And, yes, that will have to count as my self-portrait for the week!

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  • Andrea HarsanyiSeptember 4, 2011 - 3:56 pm

    Looking at you heart sings….(don’t worry, my lips are not)ReplyCancel

  • Andrea HarsanyiSeptember 4, 2011 - 3:59 pm

    correction: Looking at you my heart singsReplyCancel