3 more days (and then some, I’m sure)

Up until 1:30am, up at 5:30am…

Last night I saw a shooting star. Now, imagine it. You are in the middle of LA, the sky has an orange glow (even the moon carries the LA tinge), you can count maybe 5 stars (even Isabel can count the LA stars), and while you walk down the street a huge, bright white shooting star crosses just as you look up. HUGE.

Of course I made a wish!

If it doesn’t come true, I am calling Art Bell and will tell him all about the UFO sighting I had. *Sigh*

I have also decided to take advantage of the time our gracious little one-to-be is blessing us with. We are heading to JoAnn’s or Michaels or whoever the heck will carry what I need so that Isabel and I can do some crafts.

Oh, and it’s HOT. And I am definitely keeping it all together. Which reminds me, I should post some of these pictures up. Which one do you think tells the real story?

My shadow profile

My shadow profile

Not sure the dress does my belly justice, but I certainly do not do the dress justice! Come on, just trying to keep a bit of my humor here.

Ghoulish date

Ghoulish date

This morning. Just a little tired.

3 days to go...

3 days to go...

We have our 40 week appointment tomorrow. Wish me luck!!! One of my friends, due the same day as me, pretty much was told, “sorry, NO, you won’t be induced until 41 wk +1 day.” Will I share the same fate?

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  • Mary HeffSeptember 26, 2009 - 6:16 am

    OH MY GOSH!! Andrea, are you sure you don’t have Octo-babies in there?! You are a super star for hanging in there…. come on Baby!!! We’re thinking about you all the time 🙂

    Mary, Brian, Francie & MaisieReplyCancel