It’s 11:40pm. I have been 70% up since about 4am this morning. Okay, maybe I oscillated between 30% and 70% up throughout the day. In any case, I have to be quick because tomorrow promises to be a long day and I need to charge my battery. And as is always the case, the cutest things are said when I’m in no mood to write.

Isabel finally took her nap at 6:30pm today on our way home from Costco. When I came home at 9:00pm she was still napping. I knew this would spell trouble.

Just as we finished SYTYCD at 11:30pm I could hear her opening the door and say “I need to go peepee, Daddy.” So, I took care of her and then she said “the lights are too bright, please turn them down.” As we walked into my room she said “I want to see. Leave the lights on, I want to see.” And I asked “see what?” “I want to see… to see everything. I want to see everything.” After that she said I have to find my ballet shoes so that we can dance together in my room. So, I strapped hers on, strapped mine on and we danced.

After two songs I said “it’s time to finish, but don’t worry you get to dance again tomorrow and Madison will be there.” Then she continues, “Madison is there and Francie will come with us too, Francie… Francie’s not here. Oh, Francie – I was just pretending, she’s not real.” You don’t understand. Francie, Maisie, Mary and Brian have been following us EVERYWHERE the last few days. It tugged at my heart when she said “she’s not real.” She is! She’s only about 300 miles away, that’s all.

Okay, and I’m sure you’re wondering. YES! Today I took my very first ballet class. I have two words for you: IN. TENSE. Which means I loved it. 🙂 Did I look ridiculous? You bet. I still loved it. Hey, I’m 30 now – that’s all I have to say!

My little cowgirl.

In exactly one more month she will turn 3. But I think Craig got it right just now. Closing my door he said, “she’s not 2 anymore.” No, not anymore.

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