Day 5

Just a quick post as really just suddenly I began to get tiiiiiired. Thomas has been so great to us so far! He sleeps like a champ and I have to admit we are already getting 3-4 hour chunks of sleep in at a time. What a blessing! Isabel could barely give us (me) 1 hour, and maybe on a rare occasion 2. In retrospect, Isabel was quite the mover and shaker inside the womb, while Thomas was more the silent-type (who liked to give Mommy a few scares.) It looks like – although I know nothing stays the same for long – he might just be an all-around quieter little guy who lets us know he’s got lungs with an occasional scream here and there. 🙂 We love you little baby Thomas!

And Isabel has been a champ, too. Daddy is out with her now taking her to the park and the library for some new books. She was doing a bit of shouting at the doctor’s office today – perhaps a bit of pent-up energy??? – and we figured she needs to get out and see just how fast she can go on her new little scooter, a gift from the “little guy.” As for the library, she loves books so much I cannot really keep up (or we get a little bored of reading the same ones over and over again) with her. We’ve found that we cannot trust books on their illustrations alone and too many contemporary books are too p.c. and somewhat re-educational, so, instead of having to return purchased books, we will test them out first from the library. Censorship, here we come!

Some more from the hospital

Some more from the hospital

Framed in time

Framed in time.

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