Gotta get some updates here don’t I??

Ack! I know, I keep thinking I should post some pictures of our growing little boy. At least, we think he’s growing because he just eats and sleeps all day (lucky me!) I promise to get something up tonight or tomorrow sometime… Until then, just a little note: Isabel has been a fantastic big sister! She helps us wash him, change his diaper, likes to hold him and shares toys with him. We certainly did not expect her to react so well.

Okay, okay, there is one hiccup. Sometimes she wants to wear a diaper, too. And sometimes she wants us to change her on the changing table, too. Now, I guess this would not be so terrible except that she is already potty-trained and has been for a good while now. Shall we say a slight regression? Yes, indeed. Luckily, it is only about once a day. And luckily we know how to set her straight – it is all about her CUMI! (Hungarian for binky.) You take that away and she will make sure not to do it again. You gotta do what you gotta do.

And now we are off to pick up Aunt Kat from the airport. She is keeping her record of seeing all the newborn babies. 🙂 We won’t tell anyone that she is playing hooky to meet her newest little nephew. Shhhhh!

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