Happy 31st Birthday, Daddy!

We love you, Daddy!

Dear Love, Happy Birthday! It is no easy task getting anything done, especially while you are in the house! I will just have to find ways to finish this post piece-meal, as I can, as the babe is crying, Isabel’s running up and down the hall without direction and I have 26 minutes left to feed the girl and myself, get us all dressed (maybe brush some hair and teeth) and head out the door! You, meanwhile, are on the phone with your first birthday-wish caller and long-time friend, John Paul, providing me a small window to get this out onto the intertubes…


It is hard to believe that this will be my 10th birthday celebration with you! Of course, your 21st birthday was more of a providential chance celebration: it was just a coincidence that some swimmers decided, on a Friday night, to crash some basketball player’s 21st birthday. All I really remember that night is some tall guy carrying two 2-liter cokes, one under each arm; and all you really remember is feeling pretty foul the next day. And 9 birthdays, a wedding, a home, a cat, 2 dogs and 2 beautiful children later, here we are!

There are many reasons to celebrate YOU today and, while it may be a bit quieter than usual, know that your wife (and two children) are endlessly grateful for having you in our lives.

We love you!

End of Part I


The Hubs and I are about to go out to dinner (just the two of us!) and I was on the fence about posting this little video. Gosh, all this time and it was so easy?? Of course, I had dreams of editing a super-cool, graphic-laden (no, not really) video of my children, but I think this will suffice. Maybe I will post more videos from now on. 🙂


End of Part II

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