Happy (Late) Easter

I think I stayed up until 2 in the morning on Saturday, determined to decorate, with wax, at least ONE fresh-peppermint egg. The wax was on, my authentic dye was mixed and I dropped the egg in. A few smudges showed up and I said to Craig, “dang it, I thought I wiped the wax off with the flame.” I was a little nonplussed but thought, “thank goodness I only smeared off wax on one side.”

About a minute later, smudges were everywhere. “What the heck?! … Awwwww, man, I bet the packet says ‘let the mixture COOL down.'” D’oh! You make the mix with boiling water and silly Mommy drops the egg with wax in. An hour and a half of wasted time melted away just like that.


This was the third Easter in a row I tried to get some nifty wax eggs done. Next year I better get wise as my daughter will miss out on egg-dyeing fun. Sorry, Little Miss!

The good news is we got to hear Father Joe for the Easter mass. He has such enthusiasm and relates to the church so well, making everyone clap and laugh during his homilies. Pure awesomeness (Kung Fu Panda anyone?). Tomorrow I will share a fun little story he told us; I am sure it will lift anyone’s spirits.

Until then…

Father Joe, from Nigeria, and Little Miss

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