His First Word…

… is “Momma!” It is official. Any time our little man feels distress, he calls for his Momma. Repeatedly. Now how could I ever say no to that???

He loves, loves, LOVES the water.

After seeing Thomas play in the dog’s water trough – that happens to get bird poop in it – for the umpteenth time, I decided to pull out our tiny little blue pool to quench his thirst. Isabel gladly joined in.

Big sis

Every time Thomas crawled out to play near the flowers she would pick him up (because she is “a big girl now”) and toss him back in. I’m sure part of him loved it, just not the part that screamed out each time.

Notes: Isabel starts her first preschool class this week! We went to orientation this morning and 5 minutes after I abruptly left her to go to the meeting she came in crying. I had no doubt this was just a tentative feeling as it was a new place. Once she made a new friend, Eva, she quickly forgot me and then cried when I told her we have to leave. Ahhhh, the troubles toddlers go through.

Oh yeah, and from the time I pulled the pool out through bedtime cousins Francie and Maisie were with us while Mary stayed with me and Brian worked in my office. “Is Francie eating her lettuce?” “Yes, Isabel, she’s helping you finish yours and she’s growing taller than you!” Tonight was the first time she ate all her lettuce and without any gagging-about-to-throw-up faces*. When I brought Thomas out to eat after his nap I sat him in the high chair and she said, “is he sitting on Maisie?” “No, now Maisie is napping.” “Is Francie going to sleep with us on your bed?” “Yes, she’s already waiting for us.” We had a full on play date with the Palo Alto Heffs: it was good to see (or pretend to see) you guys!

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  • krisztiJune 29, 2010 - 5:54 am

    Tisza says Ma-Ma when she needs me to pick her up (so touching/sad when she’s peeking through the rails and watches me walk through the door and calls after me!)or when she wants me to hold her/take her from whoever else is holding her. She reaches/lunges for me-I absolutely LOVE this age!!
    She likes to say Ba-Bye, ,bye- bye,bye waving with one hand really fast.. sometimes she’ll wait till after we leave the person to say “byebye” and sometime she’ll say it when greeting people. Every once in a while it sounds like she tries to say Hi, but it comes out sounding more like Haj!
    Tisza NEEDS a brother or sister, soon! I would love to have another girl, a sister for Tiszus!!!!… although, I know AA would LOVE a boy….ReplyCancel