Just for the Sake of It

It’s hard to imagine that two weeks swept by since my last post. Time can be so darn relentless in its haste. It would be nice to say that in the meantime I am soaking it all in and committing all of my kids’ cute moments to memory forever, but that would be too hopeful, too perfect, and too not me. Each night I tell myself, write that, post that, do something, just remember it! One of these days, friends, one of these days.

Last night, Thomas woke up at 2:45am and decided to stay up until 1:30pm with maybe about a half an hour of rest in between. We suspect he is teething and his acute discomfort keeps him awake but then you see him bubbly with smiles and drool and you dare think that maybe he enjoys this whole lack of sleep affair. I don’t know. I’m well beyond knowing.

I love these shots of her. They make the work worth it.

His first piano lesson!

The hardest part of being tired is that there is so much I would love to do and I torment myself for not doing them (as if raising and teaching two children were some insignificant task, right?) Nevertheless, as it has been a while since I have done anything i.e. miscellaneous projects, my list keeps getting longer. And just for the fun of it I like to make my new tasks more and more challenging. What are these projects that plague my mind?

1. finish knitting Ra-Ra’s hat

2. finish Thomas’ quilt (I started this two weeks after he was born and it ended about 2.5 weeks after he was born)

3. Sew some clothes

4. Make Isabel’s “Firsts” book

5. While I’m at it, make Thomas’ “Firsts” book

6. finish this Christmas book I started

7. Plan some vacations

8. Start teaching Isabel to read

9. Plant my shallots, potatoes and start my seedlings

10. Start a distillery

11. Come up with a home-schooling plan

Wait, what?! I know. I am barely skimming the surface here. I should throw in some sleep, too.

Good night.

Just chilling


Isabel’s been saying some really cute (adult-ish) things; of course, now I will not remember but here is one: “Mom, it’s getting dark in here.” “I know, love.” “Why is it?” Now, that seems so simple, but you have to appreciate her perfect logical grammar. At what point does a child’s brain forget rules and speak, instead, by imitating poor slang? I love that she says “toward” and “backward.” Do you realize how many people say “towards” and “backwards?”

Can you see her changing?

The potty humor has begun. Yes, at the dinner table.

Thomas has graduated to a high chair. It dwarfs him a little but he loves it and can sit contentedly for at least 10 minutes.

He still has a double ear infection. Poops.

I think he is teething. There has been something in his mouth all day today.

Isabel recognizes her name now.

Her current faves: Babar (and his children); Lights Out (great Rube Goldberg machine book)

Thomas’ faves: no, not yet, he just likes to chew on the books – Which is funny, a month from now Isabel was pointing out all the birds she saw in “Sheep in a Jeep.” Thomas seems to care less, just feed it to me Mom!

Can you believe it’s almost Easter???? No, I have not even THOUGHT about it yet!

Little wabbit

Wascally Wabbit

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