The other day I had Paparazzi stuck in my head and was singing it without abandon to my little Miss. She took it for a while and then said, “No, Momma, you’re not Paparazzi, you’re MOMMArazzi!” My whole body smiled. In fact, I must be her Mommarazzi as I am sure I am her biggest fan, haunting her with my camera everywhere she goes.

Tunnel at the HG

Did I mention I love her?

Speaking of love, I think 7 months is my peak month for falling desperately in love with my little babies. I’m so there with Thomas right now. It’s that I-can’t-get-enough-of-you love, makes me want to squeeeeeeeeeze him. He loves it when I blow raspberries on his belly, on his neck, on his toes. He loves it when I toss him repeatedly in the air (I’ve had Hubby worry about him hitting the ceiling and Papi worry that I will not catch him – I got it!) His smile is to die for cute and is terribly infectious.

Always smiling

I think this is when new hormones kick in. The ones that make you suddenly forget how difficult the past 7 months were and get you ready to do it all over again – no, not there yet!

Well, April was a busy fun-packed month, rolling right into May and then May turned busy somehow and I’m left here with a bunch of backed up data. Of course, I don’t remember much of it now, but I thought I should try to get whatever tidbits I have out there while I am at the computer with some time.

Thomas started crawling (5/5/10) and just yesterday climbed his first step! He is so different in this way from Isabel, getting into all of our drawers, taking apart everything, eating everything (dirt, books, paper, my little seedlings…) except real food, and always on the go-go-go!

He loves to eat grass

A couple of days ago, he cried all day. At about 4:30, after I had had enough, I asked him “what is it, your tooth?” I was joking because I could have sworn it was coming out months ago with all the drool he’s expelled from his body, but this time I checked and yup, there was his tiny little tooth. My grandmother found Isabel’s first tooth – it clinked against a spoon. No complaining there, or much drooling. Tough little girl.

Playing in the fountains at Huntington Garden

Yesterday she had a fever of about 103 and was super bummed when I told her she couldn’t go over to Nagyi’s house. She said, “Momma, I’m okay, I don’t hurt Momma. My tummy is well. I’m all well, Momma.” The way she kind of quietly and seriously said all that was absolutely heart-melting. It was sad to see her want so badly to do anything but lie down all day. Later in the day she told her Daddy after he asked her if she was all better, “No, Daddy, I’m hot. I’m burning. Momma said I’m burning and I’m not well.” In some ways, though, it must have been a dream come true for her to get to watch all those movies!

After it became clear that she needs to be around some consistent friends, perhaps while learning something, we put her into dance class. A couple of friends of mine from college and my mom came by to watch her during her tap/ballet class and got to see just what a special little girl she is. I warned my mom that my daughter is probably the least disciplined (how????) of the three. Well, my mom saw her and after about 2 minutes said, “they will kick her out of class.” Yes, that was my fear, too. She always does at least once what she was told to do but after that it’s all about running in circles, lots of circles. It is pretty hilarious to watch her running in a circle and looking at herself in the mirror while making funny faces. But, oh, my face turns red every single time.

I also secretly love that my daughter has a bit of a spunky, can’t-hold-me-down personality.

She loves her chef gear

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  • janet simonsonMay 27, 2010 - 9:30 pm

    OH….that’s my Isabel……do whatever you want in that ballet class be it dance or revel in YOURSELF. Isabel you are one special girl and Jannie loves and misses you. Childhood is the most special time of your life in many ways but I know you know that too. Have fun and ENJOY! And love to your Mom, Dad and Thomas as well.ReplyCancel