My Daughter in a Nutshell

I have been working on a more serious post the last couple of days but have not finished it yet. Sometimes my brain needs a little more time to string my thoughts together. In the meantime, though, I would like to share this series of shots of my daughter. This afternoon I felt inspired to take some shots of the little ones (it helped that it was about 80 degrees outside) and, once again, begged (or bribed) my daughter to look at me for just a few seconds. I think you can get a pretty good picture of my daughter’s puckish personality. This, folks, is what she gave me.

Grossing Mommy out

Thinking about how this affects Mommy

Getting quite the kick out of it

Gift for you, Momma!

As someone I admire puts it, “idiosyncrasies are the texture of our soul.” She certainly has quite a few of them already and no one can doubt that she has lots of texture. 🙂

I cannot forget my handsome little boy…


We finally get to see his skin - 80 degrees outside!

Poor guy. A few people have already commented on his mouth-breathing. He’s not a mouth-breather! His nose is stuffed. More pictures of his mouth-breathing to come. 🙂

Jo ejszakat!

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