Naps? What for?

Why do I have not one but two children who don’t take naps???? I think in his entire life, Thomas napped a total of 7 times, or something like that. Isabel will not nap and cannot fall asleep until 10-11pm… Did I do something wrong?? 🙂

sibling love

I love her smiles!

He doesn't like his boppy very much...

playing around a bit in photoshop

This is what I do while nursing, I photoshop and play around. Obviously, as you can tell from what I wrote above, it is my only “free” time.

Very cool plant at Grandma Wichmann's place.

It is Friday night and I still have some work to do – it has been a busy week. But first, I will play a bit more with my munchkins and get things done later.

Good night.

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  • Kriszti MamiJanuary 16, 2010 - 5:28 am

    Hey Andi,
    Tomcsi may not nap, but last I heard he sleeps through the night- is that still so? or did things change up again?
    Tisza Still hasnt slept through the night- she did so much better in the begining, where did that go?
    Puszikak nektek!ReplyCancel