She’s sleeping up, up, UP!

Last night, Craig reminds me to make a post about Isabel’s latest step up in the world and I say, “oh yeah! Why didn’t I think of it already?” Isn’t this blog supposed to be a record of our children’s growth?

Well, last week I told Craig that “it is time for Thomas to move out!” and we finally took some initiative to get Isabel a big-girl bed. First, we thought another toddler bed may be the way to go but after realizing she would just grow it out within a year we said, what the heck, and got her a twin bed.

Our little Sleeping Beauty

And boy does she love it! We had a friend from out of town over on the day we put the bed together and she was spending the night over. So, despite my mother’s sense and knowing how ecstatic Isabel was to sleep in it I offered her bed up to our friend for the night. Of course, I asked the Misses first, “Isabel, would you mind sleeping one more night in your old bed?” Predictably, she responded, “No, Mom, I want to sleep in my big girl bed!” And then she became quite territorial. 🙂 Sorry Kovacs!

Her super favorite part is having her old board books right within her grasp. She loves to pick the books down, sit on her bed with the blankets snuggled around her and dutifully “reads” them for a good period of time by herself.

Speaking of reading, we started reading her Brothers Grimm stories (they talk about dead and dying a lot) and, surprisingly, she has not asked for one with more pictures. As I read to her a picture-less page from snow white (a tad different from the disney version) she asked me a question about the part I just read and it hit me then that she is actually paying attention. Also, since one of the most decorative parts of the book are the letters that start off the paragraphs she continually asks me, “what letter is this?” Hmmmm… shall I start teaching someone to read? It is in the stars…

Our growing little boy

At the same time, Thomas is in and out of his big baby crib. We start him there and after a few hours he becomes agoraphobic. It is just too big for him! 🙂 His tastes prefer the snuggle-in-close environments. Every now and then he also gets 7 hours in! Keep making that melatonin, little Man!

So far, we have had just a teeny bit of difficulty having the two of them sleep together. Isabel has had a few night terror-like episodes where she whimpers and practically crawls all over her bed with her eyes closed. Should I lie and say it didn’t freak me out just a little? One night, Craig sat her on the toilet and she just wouldn’t wake up, just whimpered and wriggled quite a bit. So, anyway, this inevitably wakes Sir Thomas up at which point he moves back into the room with us. Now, I am torn: do I wait for him to wake up in their room or just preemptively keep him in ours? Okay, okay, I know the correct answer…

Just a note for myself: the first time Thomas woke up in their room was because Isabel fell out of her bed. And this one is considerably higher than the crib. We learned quickly to set her all the way in near the wall. No more accidents so far. 🙂

And now, off to enjoy some sun while we have it!

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  • linkbarranchlifeJanuary 24, 2010 - 4:37 am

    Andrea, your photography is exquisite!! Nice job!ReplyCancel

  • vandaJanuary 28, 2010 - 5:09 am

    szia Andi!! a kepek gyonyoruek! Tomcsi jo kepu kisficko! A nagy agybol mi is estunk. Nalunk egy zobaban vannak a kicsik, es nekunk is mindig gond az alvas. Nalunk Endre nagyon jo alvo, igy nincs gond ha a Kinga sir, mar nalunk sajnos a Kinga a problemas alvo. Es amenyire jol elaludt az Endre mikor kisebb volt, most kesz szenvedely az agyba teni, nem akar egyedul aludni, pedig a Kinga is ott van vele a szobaban. de ha egyedul hagyjuk oket szokrakoztasak egymas es nem alszanak el. nehez! ki tudja mi a jo, you have to find what works for you. xxxReplyCancel