Sick babies are NO FUN

Not exactly what I want to write about, but it is at the forefront of my mind and my happy posts elude me at this moment. Poor little Thomas has a very yucky cough and syringe-bulb-loads of mucus. Why is it that coughs only get worse as the day wears on? Obviously, that makes sleeping more difficult (and worrisome.) These are the moments when what normally is a good sound -silence- turns into your fear. Welcome back to our room, Tomikam, we missed you! And, d’oh!, we gave Oma her bassinette back. This is okay, though, as we test-drove our large suitcase while in Catalina as a suitable replacement.

As I write the poor little one is moaning and coughing. :((( He’s just a little guy. I suppose my sadness is heavy because I am responsible. Knowing he could potentially get sick I did not do much to keep him out of harms way.  Secretly, I hoped he wouldn’t get sick, but let me tell ya, bugs are efficient and they spread D**N fast, so I failed. And you know how I feel? FOOLISH, at best.

So, now that I got that out there, let’s move on.

Little Thomas and his big Daddy

I have lots to catch up on. Perhaps I will take note of some themes that have popped into my head over the days to serve as reminders for later. (Not in order of importance!)

1. I started swimming! Quick log: Day 1 – last in the slow lane, 1,600 meters; Day 2 – middle of slow lane, 1,000 meters; Day 3 – leading the slow lane, 1,800 meters; Day 4 (today) – last in lane 2, 2,200 meters! Despite being sick myself I forced myself to get into the pool (it was in the high 50s outside) as the last swim was a week ago and getting into shape doesn’t work that way.

2. Thomas was baptized! This past Sunday, Thomas had been “cleansed of original sin.” Parties have a wonderful way of getting major cleaning done – spring cleaning is half-way done!

Thomas, Mommy, Daddy and Godparents Brian and Mary

3. Isabel’s senses are maturing. She can smell things very well now. Today, I held her in my lap and she said, “Mommy, you went swimming. I smelled swimming on you.” She notices other smells, too, so if you don’t want to be embarrassed, BE CAREFUL! Yesterday she said to me, “Mommy, your legs are rough. Your hair is poky.” Yeah, yeah, I shave my legs about three times a year. Wow, I barely noticed it but this girl is sensitive! A few nights ago, I heard Isabel tell Daddy while he was sleeping in bed with her, “Daddy, can you not breathe on me?” I thought it was funny. Last night it was my turn. “Mommy, don’t breathe on me, please.” After that she asked me not to touch her face. Thus begins the sense and need for personal space.

I was loading up the car, noticed the light, and could not resist...

Luckily, for me, Thomas still loves when I gobble up his neck, kiss his belly and eat his toes.

My Boys!!

4. Thomas loves my mouse. Up until recently I have been able to peruse the web and do a bit of photography work while nursing. It was my only chance to get to my computer. Those days are gone. Thomas was born with ADD and never took long to get distracted. Well, now, he just keeps looking for my mouse and tries to figure out how best to grab it and cover it in his drool. Forget the food, Mom! I want the mouse! I think he likes the red lights. 🙂

I wish I could remember all the hilarious comments Isabel makes. I also wish she would just let me photograph her myriad facial expressions – it is so difficult to keep a straight face with her. And gosh, she is so mischievous. While sitting in time-out she looks up at me and as we stare at each other she slowly twists her head away. Why? To hide the grin on her face! TROUBLE.

Okay, gotta get Thomas into our suitcase. No need to call CPS, the top will be open.

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  • Aunt katFebruary 22, 2010 - 4:14 pm

    Just a funny Isabel comment from Catalina: After she bumped her chest falling off a brick curb while chasing her cousing, Isabel said, “My boobies have a tummy ache.” Sooo cute!ReplyCancel