Thanksgiving – Wonderful Hubby, Part II

The day is done! Our house is mighty quiet right now with Daddy sleeping on the floor next to Isabel, Thomas on our bed (I just put him down) and me yet again staring at the computer. (Go to bed!)

Tonight seems like an opportune time to write a little thank you to someone who has shaped me, taught me, supported me unconditionally, loved me across 3,000 miles and shown me what infinite patience looks like. I want to thank my husband, my partner in life and my best friend, Craigike. Thank you for all that you are and thank you for all that you are not.

From the moment we met, even though we hardly exchanged a word with each other (NERDS!), I had this feeling that he was THE ONE. And many problem-sets, games, flights, emails, tears and laughs later here we are, married for over 5 years (and together for almost 10!) with two beautiful children in our comfy little home sharing all the ups and downs of our life together.  THANK YOU:

Thank you for making me dinners when I am tired. Thank you for getting your hands prune-y and doing the dishes. Thank you for letting me sleep in. Thank you for always dropping everything to help me and those I care about. Thank you for your humor (even if I still don’t always get it) and making me laugh. Thank you for always “knowing everything” and always beating me at Trivial Pursuit. Thank you for your unending patience and teaching me its value. Thank you for being so easy to get along with. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date with the world and forever staying “hip with the kids.” Thank you for being such a strong, fun, helpful and wonderful Daddy. The sight of you together with either or both our kids is enough to make my heart explode with happiness. And every day it only gets better.

My eyes are drooping right now, I am typing about 2 words a minute and I cannot get the image of you sleeping on the floor next to Isabel listening to your podcast (or sleeping??) out of my head. In other words, I can hardly write anymore. So,

In true cliche form, thank you, thank you, thank you, from the deepest depths of my heart and soul, for being my partner, your wife’s boyfriend, and my very best friend.

My Best Friend

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