Thomas and Me

Today I had a little over an hour alone with my growing Tomcsi. It’s a strange feeling. For the last few weeks I have had 3 hours once a week to spend with him alone.  Isabel gets to play with other kids at a local preschool and for 3 whole hours Thomas is all mine and I am all his. It makes me realize how good Isabel had it being the first born. And I have to admit, Thomas almost gets gipped!

Suddenly, I get to focus just on him and try to teach him how to say a particular word. If he wants to dance we can dance. If he wants to play on the bed we can play on the bed. And there is no one to interrupt us. Thinking back, the last time I got to spend alone time with him was at the hospital, 9 and a half months ago. It feels foreign but so good.

Banana and bread, about the only things he will eat.

I spent ten minutes teaching him to say “banana.” The closest he got was “ba-na.” One, amazing how they learn to speak. Two, too cute.

When in doubt, give him a banana.

A boy after my own heart.

Different points of view.

Tomorrow will be a crazy day. I’m tired but scared to fall asleep, knowing that it will only make the day come sooner.

Jo ejszakat!

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