Thomas Harsanyi Heffernan is born!


Thomas Harsanyi Heffernan

9lb-3oz, 21.75 inches long and no cone head!

Born 12:54am on 09.30.2009

Thomas Harsanyi Heffernan

Thomas Harsanyi Heffernan

We are so happy to finally meet the little guy – he’s been a long time coming! At 7:30 pm I started to feel strong painful contractions and told myself not to get my hopes up. I was in the middle of playing with Isabel, then letting her watch some sesame street while I started to sew some buttons onto her skirt when they started going from 20 minutes to 10 minutes to 7 minutes to 4 minutes to 3 minutes all within 40 minutes. Craig was in Pasadena (it is the first time in 2 months he’d been more than 10 minutes away from me!) when this all started and I insisted we order take out. 2 or 3 contractions and phone calls later he insisted he wouldn’t pick it up and I agreed that he should HURRY HOME! My mom and he got here about 8:15pm and we were at the hospital by 9pm. In the meantime the contractions came every 3-4 minutes and I feared I would not get the epidural.

Well, to make a long story short as I should take advantage of little Thomas sleeping with his Daddy right now… 1 epidural, 1 spinal shot and another epidural later, our little boy was born. My friend insists I did not need the last two as I probably experienced the worst of it anyway. It’s okay, though, 5 minutes after getting the last two, he was born and I really celebrated, laughing and cheering at how “EASY” it was! (Our doctor thought it would be a long night and that was what I began to prepare for…)

My pictures are up at picasa:

and I promise to post some here too – just gotta get some sleep and rest my back!

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