Time to Catch Up… Soon

We just returned from almost two weeks of vacation with family and friends. The prospect of catching up with the summer posts seems dimmer and dimmer but I promise to do my best. To make matters more difficult I am having computer trouble. This is absolutely no good for processing my pictures. Makes for a frustrated and sad Andrea.

Since last night, I was able to push through two photos. Sneak peeks, if you will.

One from a visit with friends.

Little Miss JC - too cute with those curls!

And one from my “maternity photoshoot” with my sister-in-law, Kat. She is due around Thomas’ birthday and wins the prize for having a belly closest to my size, and without looking obscene.

One of many more to come...

And I hope to get some up soon of all the cousins while at the annual Heffernan reunion. I tried my darned best to snap photos of all those children. They preferred playing with each other over cooperating with me; no matter, I managed to steal some parts of their souls over the course of a week.

Finally, I really hope to get to post about my little 3 year old. I cannot believe she is now 3; at the same time, it is hard to imagine that she is only 3. As she says, “I’m just a little 3, I can’t touch the clouds yet!” You will, little peanut. Just please take your time.

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