Toilet Manners

There are two men I know in the world who keep the seat down: my dad and, by training, my husband. Unfortunately, the seat is now a trivial matter. It is time to step our game up and keep the lids down! For my son has finally found the joy in searching for underwater treasures. Mmmmm-mmmmmm.

And today we remembered Thomas’ kindred spirit, cousin Patrick, a veteran treasure-seeker. We hoped P’s intrigue was a unique and isolated one, but it seems that boys will just be boys. Cousin P had his glory days (are they done yet, Maureen?) and certainly claimed victory here and there much to his mother’s horror. It may sound terrible but I hope my son fails in this little adventure. Perhaps he can live the thrill vicariously through Patrick’s past experiences. Is it too much to hope for this Momma?

Swinging away British-style in St. James Park

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