Tough Week

It’s been a tough waste of a week. Strep throat has paid us a hostile visit and is a guest that lingers.

This whole time we thought Thomas escaped but his tests just came back confirming he caught the nasty virus, too. The children handled it remarkably, the younger the better. Somehow I always manage to take these beatings the worst; but I guess (sigh) better me than one of them. From stomach bugs and hurling in June to strep and knives scraping down your throat in August. Errrrrrrr.

And, seriously, where on Earth is my summer???? I miss you!

I am nearly done going through our Heffernan Reunion pictures. It’s been an exhausting process as I’ve little to no energy on top of what’s been a non-stop pounding headache. For the love of it… And because you know I have the hardest time, the very hardest time, to feel like I’m not doing something (other than raising two fun little rascals.) Here you go:

Never, she will never give me a chance.

The other day we were talking about dying, the dead and where they lie. She kept asking me if I will die, I had to tell her the truth, but she could not possibly grasp the “a very long time from now because I want to be a grandma first.” Anyway, I was telling her about Heaven and said that “good people get to go to Heaven.” Isabel asked back, “Does that mean that bad people don’t die and stay here?” I follow the logic.

Playing on the golf course.

Ellie and Kate played so well with Isabel this week!

Little Miss Francie

Okay, gorgeous eyes, or what?

Riding into the sunset.

If you are interested in seeing more just click on a picture and it will take you to the album on my picasa. Enjoy!

Now, should I try knitting those two hats that have been on my to-do list for almost a year? I have two days to finish them before my friend arrives. To do, or not to do… To do, or not to do…

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