Era of Buying Votes

We have entered the Era of Buying Votes. Do not be fooled. As we leap across the 50% line for those receiving handouts – thanks to Obamacare and Judge Roberts – you can kiss “democracy” good bye. Why? Because those who receive will always vote for the hand that feeds them. Which begs the question: if the same party is voted in over and over again, what kind of government does that make for our country? And can you imagine the opposing party winning votes without crossing over that handout line? Exactly.

It’s like he took the words out of my mouth: Hurt: Obama victory means 4 more years with no hope of change

Exit polls said that the economy was their number 1 issue. But what did (50%) voters vote on? Big bird, contraceptives, and Mitt Romney’s Bain history (which the MSM completely skewed.) Go America.


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