Every Day Moments – November 2012

Blogging has slowed down quite a bit over here. Even my camera is collecting dust. Even worse about my camera was watching it fall to the hard concrete ground the other day. Yes, I almost cried. It seemed to be working but I can see my focus is all off now and I am struggling with correcting this issue. (Big Sad Face.)

To help me keep up with more pictures of my family I decided to join a group of women in a blog circle. Every month we will post our “every day moments” and link to another photographer in our circle with her post. This blog was originally a place to keep track of our memories and the changes we go through, so I hope this new adventure will help me continue to do that. As I thought about how I would like to approach our theme I came up with the idea to do it by day of the week. So, for my very first blog circle post I will begin with Sunday. It has been an emotional week over in our household – maybe that is why I have leaned heavily on the black and whites this time. It reflects my mood.

Thomas woke up with a cold and to help soothe his throat I made him Momma’s Best Hot Cocoa.  (I may be guilty of snacking on my hot cocoa base: Valrhona cocoa powder + sugar + heavy whipping cream = darkly rich cocoa pudding, mmmmmm.) It is turning into a daily habit over here, especially with the rolling in of cold, wintry weather. (Does that sound ridiculous? This is LA, after all.)

Isabel pouted for a good half hour because I told her she needed a tank top under her dress or a jacket to help keep her warm. She is quite the drama queen. Last night, I repeatedly told her there wasn’t enough room for her in the bath tub with Ilus. Then, she asked me if she could make a birthday card for a friend and I said, “sure.” A couple minutes later she handed me the card and it read: “MOM I RILE WONT TO TAC A BAF WIF ELOOSH.” How could I say no?

Little Ilus (Eloosh) continues to capture our hearts and continues to hate tummy time. And every Sunday we visit our little angel in her garden.

Just trying to capture an image of her on that twisty seat made me sick. I’d be lying on that ground, too. Please continue with our circle and join me in learning more about Clarissa Bing’s every day moments !

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  • JessicaNovember 17, 2012 - 9:20 pm

    Oh! I hope everyone’s 100% again soon – illness is no fun for anybody. Beautiful images, Andrea!ReplyCancel