Every Day Moments – February – Los Angeles Photographer

Is it already the middle of February?!

Once again, my handy little phone has taken center photographic stage here. This month’s every day moments will be courtesy of my instagrams! Carry 5 pounds around or 5 ounces? Hmmmm…. Plus, it’s “instant!”

I do need to pick my camera up a little more and I plan to, as soon as… well, it’s better to leave you hanging. I’m learning to not make any promises.

So, my daughter is losing teeth, we’ve been on field trips galore, the kids are trying out different sports, and Ilus still has no teeth and still doesn’t crawl. *I wrote this post a few days ago, she started crawling on Valentine’s day! Just a tiny crawl but she’s got it now! *(But And she does continues to be irresistibly adorable.) I do need to find a gym where I can let Thomas run laps for an hour, or two, or three. Any tips on wearing out a 3 year old?!?

I am slowly, very slowly, learning the ropes of homeschooling. The pieces (the ones that have been missing) are starting to fall together. Oh, and these late nights I’m used to? They are becoming more and more rare. These days I tend to face-plant between 8pm and 9pm. And though you would think I’d wake up earlier, I don’t. The kids are up past me and up before me, so if I’ve fallen off the face of the earth, now you know why! Clearly, there are a few more kinks to work out here.

Whoa! Picture overload! It would be better to break these into separate posts, right? Yes. I will try next time. Until then, enjoy these pieces of our family’s every day moments. Please continue through our circle and visit http://petit–

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