What Am I Thankful For? Part I

This month, I made a conscious effort to spend some time every day thinking about what I am Thankful For. Plain and simply, I must steal a title from a well-known story: “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

I am sitting here in my Comfy Home in front of a monitor writing this entry while my Helpful Husband is sleeping with our Healthy Thomas and Healthy Isabel is fast asleep dreaming away about “horses and butterflies.” I have a wonderful Family, from whom I have learned and am learning quite a bit about Life. My Friends, both near and far, have also touched me in ways that helped shape me into the person I am today, making them very dear to me, indeed. I fantasize that between now and the end of the month I can expound upon each of the parts of my life I am so grateful for, but forgive me if I accidentally fall short of that goal.


Perhaps tonight, though, I can start with Friendships. Next to Family, these special people in my life are such because they have each made me a better person. Sitting here I can pretty much specifically recall the moments when each of my friends has humbled me and made me think, “wow, I would like to be more like that.” Now, this is not to be confused with envy. Envy can never bring out good qualities in people. These thoughts of mine were admiration. From my friends I have learned independence, courage, forgiveness, patience,  sharing, sacrificing, and the value of Family.

My little fuzzy

Sometimes I wish my friends were just a little bit closer but I am often reminded that strong bonds do not fail easily and I love that we can all pick up just where we left off, whether our visits are separated by days, weeks, months or years. In between, I will just think about Beaches’ Wind Beneath My Wings, Chinese on Tuesdays one day, having philosophical conversations in our underwear, exploding chocolate balloon bowls, forevermore eating chocolate even if I AM angry, putting that knife back into the sink while arguing, not going out with strangers in Cambridge on a school night, Strangers in the Night, my Freshmen, being held while expelling myself onto the floors of MIT (that was you?!), answering the phone to “An-DREEEEE-AH, where are you, come and dance!”, *INTERESTING* trails on long-ago kenuturak (canoe trips), and all the moments to come. Good night. Good Night!

Dinosaur's Tail

P.S. You may notice that I have been reborn with my camera. My walks with the little ones have taken a more exciting turn as I now have photographic subjects to look out for. While I am sure you miss seeing pictures of Isabel and Thomas I thought I would mix things up a bit. 🙂

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