A Not So Infrequent Affair

Have I mentioned my kids LOVE to get dirty? It is quickly becoming a So-Cal Heff pastime down here.

A few weeks ago we were finally preparing our beds for planting. After finishing one and moving on to weeding, digging and turning over the next bed the kids quickly moved into what looked like an inviting pile of dirt. As they turned on the hose I started to cringe but then shrugged my shoulders and said, “okay, you can play just a little bit in there, but don’t use too much water!”

Crying when the mud got into his eyes.

They are great listeners. So, they dug, they splashed, they threw, they laughed, and they cried.

Isabel starting to get cold.

If it is ever over 65 degrees, and in this case maybe over 60 degrees, they decide it is warm enough to get wet and play. And who am I to deny them the requisite mud play of childhood?

I love my apple bottoms.

I’m sure once upon a time I would have loved to join them. And Isabel did ask me to get undressed and play with them…

Yeah. Too bad I’m getting too old.



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