Isabel’s Logic


Often, while driving in the car one of the kids will tell me “the dinosaur is COMING!” and then ask me to come up with a plan to keep it from eating us. Most of the time I manage to summon my creative thinking skills and tell them some elaborate plan to make the dinosaur our friend so that he won’t eat us. This last time, however, I was creatively drained and too tired to think of anything remotely clever, so I said:

“okay, fine. I will jump onto the dinosaur’s back and ride him like a horse to the end of the Earth. Just as the dinosaur falls off the edge I will jump off and roll onto the ground, safe, and the dinosaur dies.”

Clearly, this was not good enough. Isabel replied, “But what if the Earth rolls and then he’ll just fall back down and be on top of the world again… Because the Earth turns… Your plan is not very good, Momma.”

Yeah, she got me.


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