Big Bellies are a Beautiful Thing

I have grand ambitions to one day write all the thoughts that pass through my head. But if you only knew how many thoughts those are…

Too many times I have asked one person or another what they are thinking. Often they say, “nothing.” Given that I cannot possibly imagine thinking about nothing, I never believe that person and continue to badger them until he or she (most of the times it’s a he) says, “really, I’m not thinking about anything.” Sigh. How peaceful that must be.

Well, I do have a thousand thoughts running through my head: what to do for a little one’s birthday; what chore needs to be done next; what project shall I embark on during my next free moment; how our liberties are being trampled on and what can little ol’ me do about it; dreams about running a business (one day); where will we live; whose birthday is next; my desk is a mess… You get the picture. It doesn’t ever stop. And the only way I can go to bed is dreaming about the future, whether it’s a home-improvement project, my next garden, or a vacation. Somehow that works for me.

The way I like to say it, as my dad has told me several times, “my brain is never idle.” Sometimes you may catch me with a glazed look over my face. Don’t be fooled. There is a thought struggling there under those brows somewhere.

But I digress! I decided the bedtime routine is my husband’s to have and to hold forever and ever and this way I get just a whee little time to do my “work.” Over droopy eyelids, no doubt. (Note: today was especially tough because Thomas and I had a rough night last night. After waking up at midnight, to be held in my arms, he projectile vomited all over me, twice. After that, every time I put him on his back – in my bed – he would start to puke. Poor little guy. So, I eventually propped myself up on some pillows and held him against my chest. All night. It was a mixture of gross and sweet maternal duty. All night.)

Now for the fun part. I was so excited to take my sister-in-laws maternity photos. It would be a little exercise for me in beautiful country. We had sunny skies all week while in Oregon and then the day we had set for the shoot and at that exact time, it started to rain. But my SIL was a trooper as I said, “we’ll just make them moody photos.” She jumped into the truck and was determined. As was I. And look at what we got.

A very happy mommy-to-be.

Something about bellies and silhouettes

Making good use of the trees.

I had a lot of fun taking these, especially because finally I had a subject who would cooperate with me. Not only was she cooperative but she was glowing with happiness. Stuff for making good photos.


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