He Senses Her

*Jaws theme music*

I think he smells her. Isabel, that is. Whenever she comes near, his whole head does a quick spasmic jerk to the opposite direction. If not that, then his relaxed mouth starts to twist into a worried grimace – she’s coming! If he only knew how much she loves him.

Baby Mummy - was this really what I wanted?

On another note, a friend of mine asked if I’m sleeping yet? Sleep? Why, whatsoever does the word mean? I’ll be lucky if I can type up a single coherent thought tonight. I may just throw a few together for the sake of keeping my blog current, though. Our little man, Tomcsi, soon to be upgraded to Tomika, is slowly waking up from his deep and long slumber, the proof being that he required feeding every single hour last night. Say goodbye, Momma, to those blissful 3 hours I gave you weeks ago. (He’s 6 weeks now!)

I wish I could show you some current photos of our little stud but, alas, my camera… will be shipped off tomorrow for another repair. To give you some eye candy, here is a little announcement I have been working on:

Thomas Harsanyi's birth announcement

You will notice some similarities to Isabel’s announcement.

Isabel Rose's announcement

I ordered some prints, got them back two days ago and the dummies cropped off his name! So, I reordered them and hope to have them out shortly.

Well, the king is calling me, so I must cut this short and extinguish his hunger. Good night!

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