Resourceful Momma!

This was great. And very typical of Momma Heff over here.

So, what happens when you are quite a ways from home, have to clean your infant son’s poop, have a few more errands to run with a ticking clock and no more diapers? Take a look.

My special diaper.

What do you see? Could it be one of Isabel’s spare panties? What could possibly be lining her my little pony underwear? Take a wild guess… Mom who delivered a baby 4 weeks ago… Recovery… Once-a-month female products… When I got home Craig pretty much gave me this look like, “for real?” When I told my brother he said, “wow, you’re resourceful!” (I like my brother’s response better!) My thought was poor Tomcsi, I hope I am not emasculating you. Well, a REAL man can wear girl underwear and stuff. 🙂

It was another fine hot day yesterday and even though it was already 3:40 by the time we got to the beach, Isabel still got some wet and sandy fun in.

Looking at sea life - the shells were ALIIIIIIIVE!

Just the three of us.

Kati Neni and little Tomcsi

Making sure to be covered in sand before her routine shower.

Mommy and Thomas at the beach.

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