Every Day Moments – May 2013

Our little Ilona is growing quickly now and changing so much. She has budded teeth (and a third has just poked through, too), been cruising and practicing walking, and even has stood on her own a couple of times. My guess is she is eager to join the big kids’ crew.  For the first time, I don’t wish she’d stay crawling. I can’t wait for her to start walking so that she can play with her siblings and be forever distracted!

During our heat spell I had taken the little ones to the beach and Ilus has proven to share the same enthusiasm for playing in the water as the other two had. For half an hour I picked her up just as the waves came lapping at her fingers, carried her far away, and then followed her back toward the water to begin the cycle again. Now that all three like being in the water, life-guarding duty just got much harder.

Isabel learned to ride her bike a couple of weeks ago! When I came outside to check on her (she was with her dad on the neighbor’s driveway) she was complaining and yelling that she will never get it. I kept telling her she would get it but had to change her attitude. As I was on dinner-duty I had to run back into the house to check on the food, and I knew she would finally get it just as I walked away.

Fortunately, my husband agreed that we could take them to the beach after dinner and I could see the real deal for myself. We made it just before the sunset and documented this fun milestone!

This is just a simple image at a botanic garden. We’ve been going on lots of field trips these last few months. I also wanted to include one of Thomas but ran out of time. My children wear me out so much these days and it is getting harder and harder to stay up to work on my photos or write any blog posts. Maybe I can have a post in the near future of just my son.

Is having 3 really the hardest?

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